WANTED Live (Live-Album, 2012)

Released in June 2012, produced at Little Big Beat Studio, Weiler.
Godfathers: Peter Rosenzopf, Jens Bohn.


  1. I’m From The Country (Young, Richard / Webb, Stan / Brown, Marty)
  2. Cowboy Cadillac (Kennedy, Bryan / Brooks, Garth)
  3. Gone Country (McDill, Bob)
  4. Bad Moon Rising (Fogerty, John C.)
  5. Wild One (O’Keefe, Johnny / Greenan, Johnny / Owens, Dave)
  6. Blue Suede Shoes (Perkins, Carl)
  7. Kate (Robbins, Marty)
  8. Trail Of Tears (Cyrus, Billy Ray)
  9. If Tomorrow Never Comes (Blazy, Kent / Brooks, Garth)
  10. Louisiana Saturday Night (McDill, Bob)
  11. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (Traditional)
  12. Let Your Love Flow (Williams, Larry)
  13. Promised Land (Berry, Chuck)
  14. Burning Love (Linde, Dennis)
  15. Great Balls Of Fire (Blackwell, Otis / Hammer, Jack)
  16. Piano and Drums Solo (Gstöhl, Herbert / Gmeiner, Stefan)
  17. Rock’n’Roll Overdose (Fritsch, Alexander)
  18. Be My Baby Tonight (Hill, Ed / Fagan, Richard)
  19. I Wanna Ask You Pretty Baby (Gonzalez, William / Strauss, Kai)
  20. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Dylan, Bob)

video tracks (DVD, 2007)

The DVD “video tracks” was produced in 2006/2007 and was ceremonially christened and celebrated in March 2007 at the Kolpinghaus Dornbirn on two sold-out concert evenings. The DVD is currently only available directly from “The Pyromantics”. Please contact us by e-mail.

We would like to thank the team of Mylonas Filmproduktion for their excellent work under the direction of Niko Mylonas. Without the special commitment of Niko and his team, this project would never have worked.

Furthermore, we would like to thank artist and graphic artist Wolfgang Tschallener, who has succeeded in creating a wonderful design of the DVD “video tracks” based on the design of our award-winning album “on track”.

In addition to the 5 video clips for your own songs, the DVD contains a lot of bonus material:

  • Making of (approx. 30 minutes) with interviews,”spoiled” scenes (so-called outtakes) to laugh and lots of impressions of the many shooting days.
  • Furthermore there are film recordings of the interview from January 2006 in the studio of Radio Arabella in full length (approx. 20 minutes).
  • As an add-on we have attached a photo series with music for the performance at the international country festival in Haag/Hausruck (Upper Austria).

on track (Studio-Album, 2005)

Released April 2005, produced in Studio Freiton, Lustenau.
Godfather: Reinhard Franz.

Album of the year 2005

The studio album “on track” was chosen by the Austrian Association for Country Music (ACMF, Austrian Country Music Federation) as the album of the year 2005. At the same time, our singer Micah received the award “Singer of the Year 2005″from the same association. We are very proud of this award and are delighted that it will reward the hard work even more.



  1. Be My Baby Tonight (Hill E./Fagan R.)
  2. Cowboy Cadillac (Kennedy B./Brooks G.)
  3. Calamity Jane (Gmeiner S./Friesli W./Dietrich M.)
  4. Promised Land (Berry C.)
  5. Last Night (Fritsch A.)
  6. Good Old Boys (Fleetwood A.)
  7. Unique (Stein M.)
  8. If Tomorrow Never Comes (Blazy K./Brooks G.)
  9. Hard Workin’ Man (Dunn R.)
  10. Rock’n’Roll Overdose (Fritsch A.)
  11. The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Daniels C./Edwards F./Marshall J./Hayward C./Crain T./DiGregorio T.)
  12. Boots, Shirts And Jeans (Stein M.)
  13. I Wanna Ask You Pretty Baby (Gonzalez W./Strauss K.)
  14. Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Scruggs E.)

Booklet (extract)

Flames First (Studio-Album, 2001)

Published in May 2001.
(This record is obsolete and no longer available!)

Godfather: Thomas Furrer (professional violinist and concertmaster, Dornbirn Music School).


  1. Tempted (Kennerly, P./Stuart, M.)
  2. Great Balls Of Fire (Blackwell, O./Hammer, J.)
  3. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (Traditional/Bearbeitung Berndt, G.)
  4. Calamity Jane (Friesli, W./Gmeiner, S./Dietrich, M.)
  5. Johnny B. Goode (Berry, C.)
  6. Ghost Riders In The Sky (Jones, S.)
  7. Pyro Dance (Stein, M.)
  8. Burning Love (Linde, D.)
  9. Standing Outside The Fire (Brooks, G./Yates, J.)
  10. This Girl (Dietrich, M.)
  11. Proud Mary (Fogerty, J. C.)
  12. Hilly Billy Country Lilly (Doll, E./Reichling, B./engl. Text: Burrows, B.)
  13. Rock’n’Roll Overdose (Fritsch, A.)
  14. Wild One (O’Keefe, J./Greenan, J./Owens, D.)


Demo Volume 4 (Demo-Album, 2000)

Published in February 2000.
(This record is obsolete and no longer available!)


  1. Peggy Sue (Allison, J. / Petty, N. / Holly, B.)
  2. Tempted (Kennerly, P. / Stuart, M.)
  3. This Girl (Dietrich, M.)
  4. Great Balls Of Fire (Blackwell, O. / Hammer, J.)
  5. Wild West Cowboys (Bach, R. / Doll, E.)
  6. Ghost Riders In The Sky (Jones, S.)
  7. All Right Tonight (Friesli, W.)
  8. Achy Breaky Heart (Tress von)
  9. Burning Love (Linde, D.)
  10. The Long-Eared Mule Instrumental (Traditional)