Arno “Jefty” Rauchegger

Pyromantics: Electric Bass
Year of construction: 1976
Residence: Altach
Education: Elementary school, secondary school, polytechnic course, 3-year apprenticeship as a printing plate technician, working at Vorarlberger Medienhaus since 1997
Private: married, 2 children
Hobbies: Music
Favourite group: Some!
Music biography: 1984 recorder lessons at the elementary school, 1985 music choir of the primary school, 1988-1991 classical guitar lessons at the music school Dornbirn, 1991-1997 lessons for electric guitar at the jazz seminar Dornbirn.

1992-1993 Guitarist of the group “The Confused”,
1993-1997 Guitarist and singer of the group “Pinatubo”,
1997 Guitarist of the group “Jamshot” (Funk/Rock),
1997-1998 Project Jefty&Joe,
1999-2001 Guitarist of the group “Jamshot” (Blues-Rock, new line-up),
since 2009 bassist with “The Pyromantics”.

Since 1999 substitute guitarist of the band “The Pyromantics”, because: Jefty played already before the existence of The Pyromantics as an electric guitarist together with Steff in a funk/rock band and later as electric guitarist and singer in a blues-rock project with Steff and partly also Franky in the rehearsal room or on stage.

In the beginnings of The Pyromantics (1999) Jefty already took the place of Alex for several concerts as a replacement guitarist for the injured Alex. In 2006 Jefty was again a replacement guitarist due to a death in Alex’s family. In 2007, Jefty was even used once as a Pyromantics mixer (replacing Susanne).

When bass player Franky announced his retirement at the end of 2008 after more than 10 years, Jefty was the band’s first port of call to find a replacement. Soon he joined The Pyromantics as an electric bassist in 2009.


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