Herbert “Herby” Gstöhl (alias Happy Lee Herbitson)

Pyromantics: piano, harmonica, vocals
Year of construction: 1955
Residence: Götzis
Education: Elementary school, secondary school, music and pedagogical secondary school in Feldkirch, then studies of physical education and geography in Innsbruck.
Occupation: Secondary school teacher at the Bundeshandelsakademie and Bundeshandelsschule Bregenz
Private: Married to Mrs. Elisabeth for a long time, 2 children (daughter Sonja and son Simon).
Hobbies: Family, playing piano, tennis, school
Favourite group: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Keith Jarrett, Elton John and Bluatschink
Music Biography: Classical piano lessons from the age of 9. During high school he played works by Chopin, Grieg, Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. Then discovered by a classmate the love for rock’ n’ roll, blues and boogie-woogie. Intensive phase. Studying, working, family and building a home have greatly restricted the ability to play the piano. But from September 19,1995 (Herby turns 40) – Elisabeth and my best friends give me an electric piano – it’s back to playing the piano at full throttle. Since autumn 1997 piano lessons at the jazz seminar in Dornbirn with Peter Bader. Pianist with The Pyromantics since October 2000.

Herby mit Harp in Aktion