Alexander “Alex” Fritsch

Pyromantics: Solo Guitars: Electric Guitar, Acoustic-Guitar, Laptsteel
Year of construction: 1977
Residence: Dornbirn
Education: Elementary school, lower secondary school, commercial academy, military service, business studies (business administration) in Innsbruck
Profession: Independent tax consultant since 2017 (company Per-Saldo)
Hobbies: music, Elvis, cigar smoking
Favourite group: Elvis Aron Presley
Music Biography: Starting in autumn 1991, self-study on an old “concert guitar” together with my former classmate Harald Eckhart, who also aroused my interest in playing the guitar. In autumn 1993 I bought my first semi-acoustic guitar (half acoustic guitar / archtop guitar) and took private guitar lessons with Christian Hilbe for a good year. Lead guitarist with “The Pyromantics” (founding member) since July 1997.