Demo Volume 4 (Demo-Album, 2000)

Published in February 2000.
(This record is obsolete and no longer available!)


  1. Peggy Sue (Allison, J. / Petty, N. / Holly, B.)
  2. Tempted (Kennerly, P. / Stuart, M.)
  3. This Girl (Dietrich, M.)
  4. Great Balls Of Fire (Blackwell, O. / Hammer, J.)
  5. Wild West Cowboys (Bach, R. / Doll, E.)
  6. Ghost Riders In The Sky (Jones, S.)
  7. All Right Tonight (Friesli, W.)
  8. Achy Breaky Heart (Tress von)
  9. Burning Love (Linde, D.)
  10. The Long-Eared Mule Instrumental (Traditional)