WANTED Live (Live-Album, 2012)

Erschienen im Juni 2012. Produziert im Little Big Beat Studio, Weiler. Taufpaten: Peter Rosenzopf, Jens Bohn.


  1. I’m From The Country (Young, Richard / Webb, Stan / Brown, Marty)
  2. Cowboy Cadillac (Kennedy, Bryan / Brooks, Garth)
  3. Gone Country (McDill, Bob)
  4. Bad Moon Rising (Fogerty, John C.)
  5. Wild One (O’Keefe, Johnny / Greenan, Johnny / Owens, Dave)
  6. Blue Suede Shoes (Perkins, Carl)
  7. Kate (Robbins, Marty)
  8. Trail Of Tears (Cyrus, Billy Ray)
  9. If Tomorrow Never Comes (Blazy, Kent / Brooks, Garth)
  10. Louisiana Saturday Night (McDill, Bob)
  11. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (Traditional)
  12. Let Your Love Flow (Williams, Larry)
  13. Promised Land (Berry, Chuck)
  14. Burning Love (Linde, Dennis)
  15. Great Balls Of Fire (Blackwell, Otis / Hammer, Jack)
  16. Piano and Drums Solo (Gstöhl, Herbert / Gmeiner, Stefan)
  17. Rock’n’Roll Overdose (Fritsch, Alexander)
  18. Be My Baby Tonight (Hill, Ed / Fagan, Richard)
  19. I Wanna Ask You Pretty Baby (Gonzalez, William / Strauss, Kai)
  20. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Dylan, Bob)