Matthias “Titus” Stein

Fiddle, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals

ACMF Awards (Austrian Country Music Federation):

  • Musician of the year 2017
  • Musician of the year 2014
  • Musician of the year 2012/2013

Place of residence: Dornbirn
Year of Construction: 1977
Private: married with Susanne Stein, 2 children (Kilian and Fabian).
Hobbies: Music, reading, sports, information technology, soccer, chess
Favourite bands: BR5-49, Bluegrass Boogiemen, Nugget, Truck Stop, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakam, Clay Walker, Little Texas, Elvis Presley, Brad Paisley, Craig Morgan, Johnny Cash, …

Titus in Aktion (2013)

Music biography:

Beginning ain’t easy…

With 6 years one year of recorder training. After that classical violin training until the 9th year, then quit unfortunately. At the age of 17 (1994) picked up the violin again (classical training until 2005, learned fiddling by himself).

Since July 1997 bandleader and fiddler of “The Pyromantics” (founding member). 1998 temporarily lead singer – fortunately not for long. Since January 1998 also acoustic guitar. Plays the mandolin too, since October 2000. Bought a banjo in April 2003 which, after a long time of practice, rarely goes into action on stage.

As studio musician (hitherto: fiddle, mandolin) Titus contributed, besides for The Pyromantics, for renowned bands from Vorarlberg like Welcome and Schellinski, to album productions:



Furthermore Titus, as a guest musician, accompanied famous artists from Vorarlberg in multiple concerts on stage for a cancer charity project (George Nussbaumer, Reinhold Bilgeri, Michael Köhlmeier, Bernie Weber, Walter Schuler, Markus Kreil, Raimund Gritzner, Roman Lorenz, Martina Breznik, Heli Burtscher, Harry Marte, Emil Durot).


Profession: Business Informatics Specialist in an executive position at the Julius Blum GmbH, Höchst, Vorarlberg

Titus & Sanne 2006
Titus with family 2016